A great feeling set of forks should provide a firm but not harsh feel initially and prevent bottoming.  Race Tech’s Gold Valves are proven to provide a plush feel with drastically improved bottoming resistance while also greatly improving traction and consistency.  A well tuned fork allows the bike to track straight and provide improved confidence and comfort for the rider.  Increased adjustability and resistance to fade are also benefits of the Race Tech setup offered by BWR.

Your suspension receives more then just an oil change, they get a true overhaul. You can be confident your suspension will work awesome after Race Tech has serviced it, guaranteed.

When rebuilding suspension it is very important to inspect all components including the cartridge, springs and inner and outer fork tubes for damage and wear. Also, the axle clamps need to be check for cracks and damage. At Race Tech we take extra time to make sure your suspension receives the attention it deserves.

After cleaning and inspection, piston faces are resurfaced, shims are checked along with all of the other parts. Spring preload is checked and adjusted. We replace the seals and bushing with RT Ultra Slick Seals and Bushings. We finish it all off with our extraordinary Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid and set the clickers for your riding style. When you get them back they are ready to bolt on and ride.

Rebuild Forks for Dirt - labor only, parts & oil extra $110
Rebuild Forks for Street - labor only, parts & oil extra $135
Outer Fork Tube Hard-Anodizing (if worn)
Shorten Fork Travel $150
Polish Sliders $30
Repair Dented Sliders (common on old conventional dirt bikes)
Fork Diamond Like Coating "2" - DLC2 Coating - Friction Reduction $695

Top suspension performance means firmness and bottoming resistance with plushness at the same time. A bike should track straight and true. Even the best suspension tuners can only make the stock valving design work so well. The Gold Valve Shock Suspension System is a proven bolt-on shock valving system that improves control, traction, performance and bottoming resistance.

Increased flow area puts valving control on the shim stack for outstanding tuneability from trail to supercross.
Improved, long wearing, low friction sealing design decreases fade.

Shock Gold Valve Revalve: $300.00 for most bikes, includes Gold Valve, Oil and Labor other additional parts extra.

 BWR has years of experience servicing and tuning suspension for all types of bikes and riders.  BWR is now a Race Tech Service Center, offering the same proven products, settings, and services from the World’s largest suspension modification company directly to you locally.  BWR and Race Tech together have the best R&D processes in the industry to guarantee the best performance available from your suspension.  BWR specializes in premium, personalized suspension setups that are guaranteed to exceed even your highest expecations.  Give us a call and we will discuss how we can get the most out of your motorcycle or ATV suspension at (phone number)Type your paragraph here.


Shock Rebuild - complete rebuild, not just an oil change (labor only - does not include parts or oil)
Dirt $100
Street $125
Shorten Shock Travel (Shortens overall Shock Length)
Hard Anodizing Shock Body-rebuild costs are additional
Re-Chrome Shock Shaft-rebuild costs are additional
Shock Shaft Diamond Like Coating 2 - DLC2 Coating - Friction Reduction-rebuild additional

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"The best you've ridden is the best you know."
- Paul Thede

This is a very important statement when talking about suspension.